How Can I Safely Pull My Child’s Loose Tooth?

December 4, 2022

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child with pulled tooth

It can be an exciting time for your child when their baby teeth start to loosen and they envision the tooth fairy making them rich, but when a tooth hangs around too long, it can become bothersome. It’s important not to try to pull their tooth before the proper time, but when it’s on the verge of falling out, there are ways to help usher its departure. Keep reading to learn some safe methods to help your child remove a loose tooth from a pediatric dentist in Flower Mound.

When Is It Okay for My Child’s Loose Tooth to Be Pulled?

Before trying to pull your child’s tooth, you should make sure that it is already very loose or dangling from the socket. If it is only slightly wiggly or your child feels pain whenever it’s touched, this could mean that the roots haven’t dissolved enough. You should wait longer until it can be removed safely.

What Are Some Techniques My Child Can Try to Remove a Loose Tooth?

If your child has adequate motor skills and they are complaining about a tooth that seems on the verge of falling out, here are some techniques you can have them try:

  • Wiggle the tooth out: Your child can use their tongue or fingers to wiggle their tooth until it comes out of the socket. If they use their hands, be sure that they have washed them in advance to reduce the bacteria being introduced to the mouth. By wiggling it, they can loosen it further so it will fall out with little to no pain.
  • Chew on hard foods: Encourage your child to eat hard, healthier foods like carrots, pears, and apples. They can help to keep teeth clean and loosen the wiggly one even further so it will come out on its own.
  • Use ice: No one should chew on ice because it can do a lot of harm to teeth. However, ice can be used as a numbing agent before trying to pull out the tooth. This makes the process easier by reducing pain.

What If My Child Needs Me to Pull Their Loose Tooth?

To help your child pull out their loose tooth, you should wash your hands first. Use a clean tissue to move the tooth back and forth and ensure that it is loose enough to be pulled. When ready, a little bit of twisting may be necessary.

This should pop the tooth right out when it is ready. If your child seems scared or nervous ahead of the pull, try a calming technique such as distracting them with a song or story, explaining how it won’t hurt, or perhaps taking it slow and speaking to them in a soothing tone.

Apply pressure to the area with a clean gauze pad if there is minor bleeding. Check to ensure that there aren’t any additional pieces of baby tooth stuck in the area. You might even see the adult tooth peeking through.

When You Should Call the Dentist

Contact your child’s dentist if there is redness or excessive pain afterward. This way, they can ensure that there isn’t an infection. Here comes the best part: it’s time for your child to place the tooth beneath their pillow so the tooth fairy can find it and leave them a cash prize!

It’s exciting for children to lose their teeth, but they will come out in their own time. If you aren’t sure if a tooth is ready to be pulled out, give your child’s dentist a call. This way, you can get advice on how to help your little one prepare for their grown-up teeth!

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Dr. Neil Dean has been working hard for the smiles of his patients for more than two decades. He earned his dental doctorate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and then his specialty certificate in pediatric dentistry at Texas A&M. He has been on the dental staff at Children’s Medical Center of Plano since 2004. Dr. Dean will be happy to talk more about tooth-pulling tips during your little one’s next checkup and cleaning. Schedule one on his website or call (972) 884-5450.

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