What’s It Like Being Under Dental Sedation?

May 14, 2024

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Young girl having dental procedureSedation dentistry is a great option for young patients who experience anxiety or those requiring dental work. However, despite being safe, most parents have concerns about the road ahead. Your child’s pediatric sedation dentist will explain everything and answer any questions. Here’s what dental sedation will feel like for your little one, depending on the type used.


Life After Braces: Tips for Maintaining Your Child’s New Smile

April 12, 2024

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Child smiling after getting their braces off

Once your child has completed their orthodontic adventure, it’s time to start the next! While their braces may be off, proper post-orthodontic care is important to ensure that their smile stays good-looking and healthy. So, take some time to celebrate their success, and then continue reading. You’ll learn what to expect from life after braces!


Orthodontic Adjustments: What It Feels Like to Get Braces

March 15, 2024

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Nose-to-chin view of a girl with braces with pink bands

If you’re the parent or guardian of a child or teenager who’s getting braces, you might both be feeling somewhat anxious about what to expect. Your kid may have plenty of questions, like how it will impact their appearance and whether it will hurt. Young minds are curious so it’s natural for them to want to know as much about the experience as possible before they start treatment.

Understanding more about what it feels like to have braces beforehand can help put their mind at ease. Continue reading to learn more about what they can anticipate from their traditional orthodontics to help get them through it!


3 Useful Tips to Keep in Mind If Your Child Breaks Their Braces

February 3, 2024

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a child visiting their orthodontist

Braces are perhaps the most tried-and-true orthodontic treatment out there, having assisted countless children with achieving straighter, healthier smiles. However, accidents happen, and it’s very possible that your child might end up breaking their braces at some point during their treatment. But the last thing either of you should do is panic; these situations can be easily resolved! That said, here are three things you should keep in mind if your child has broken their braces.


Kid Catastrophe: How to Find a Pediatric Emergency Dentist

January 8, 2024

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Girl with teddy bear in dentist's chair

As a parent, you work hard to try to provide your child(ren) with everything they need to feel safe and healthy, including taking care of their teeth. Though you do your best to protect your little one, sometimes accidents happen that can damage their pearly whites. If your kid fell and knocked out a tooth, for example, you’ll want to get them to an emergency dentist who knows has the correct expertise and instruments to handle still-developing smiles.

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to feel anxious about where to go. Keep reading to learn 3 tips to help you find the right help!


5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Child’s Smile from Harm

December 14, 2023

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Parent and child smiling while brushing their teeth

As a parent, seeing your child in pain is the last thing you want. The good news is that you can dramatically reduce the chances of them experiencing a serious dental injury, like a persistent toothache or knocked-out tooth. If you’re interested in learning more, then keep reading for five simple ways to protect your child’s smile from harm.


Dental Disaster: What to Do If Your Child’s Tooth is Knocked Out

November 14, 2023

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Little boy with brown hair missing a front tooth and crying

As parents, one of our greatest responsibilities is to tend to the physical needs of our children and that includes their oral health. That said, no matter how well you plan ahead there’s no guarantee that they will never have a dental emergency, like having a tooth knocked out. Whether they fell off a swing or a friend accidentally threw a ball too hard, your little one is likely frightened or in pain in the heat of the moment. While it’s natural to feel anxious on their behalf, try to stay calm and follow these 4 steps until you can get them to a dentist.


Keeping It Clear: Tips to Prevent and Treat Yellowed Aligners

October 20, 2023

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A girl smiling as she shows off her clear aligner

Clear aligners have become a popular choice for orthodontic treatment, thanks to their discreet appearance. However, over time, you may notice your aligners losing their transparent quality and turning a dull yellow color.

If you got clear aligners to stay under the radar about your treatment, yellowing can blow your cover. Continue reading to explore the reasons behind aligner yellowing and learn how to halt or reverse the process. 


Are Clear Aligners Strong Enough to Handle Teeth Grinding?

September 8, 2023

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A young girl showing off her clear aligner

Do you have bruxism? Many people who suffer from teeth grinding, or bruxism, are concerned about how it will affect their oral health, especially if they’re considering orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners have become a popular choice for straightening teeth, but are they strong enough to handle the forces of grinding teeth?

If you want to learn more about clear aligners and how they’ll hold up under stress, continue reading. This information can help you make an informed decision.


Is My Child Ready for Phase 1 Orthodontics?

August 1, 2023

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a child visiting their orthodontist

If your child’s dentist has recently informed you that they need to see an orthodontist, you might have a lot of questions on your mind—especially if it feels like it’s a little too early for your child to receive braces. However, some kids benefit from early orthodontic treatment, as it sets up their smiles for fewer future problems, or even allows them to skip wearing braces entirely if luck is on their side. Here’s what you need to know about phase 1 orthodontics and some of the reasons for these treatments being necessary so that you and your little one can head into the process with incredible confidence!

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