3 Clear Signs That Your Child Is a Good Candidate for Nitrous Oxide Sedation

September 5, 2022

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child with nasal mask for nitrous oxide sedation

At the dentist’s office, your child is being particularly rambunctious—just in time for treatment. You aren’t sure how they are going to make it through their appointment with all that energy when the dentist recommends using what is commonly called “laughing gas” sedation to calm them down. Isn’t that just for kids who are scared of the dentist? Is your child a good candidate for nitrous oxide sedation?

Keep reading to learn which patients can best benefit from this form of sedation and how it can help kids have a better, more productive dental visit.

Your Child Feels Anxious or Nervous About Their Appointment.

Most children aren’t accustomed to a dental office atmosphere. The sounds of the instruments, the bright light, and a masked adult getting close can make adults feel nervous. As the gentlest form of sedation, nitrous oxide is a great way for kids to settle down their anxiety and have a more pleasant time in the chair.

This gas creates a content feeling and allows your child to remain awake and aware of their surroundings. With extra help from nitrous oxide, young patients are able to experience dentistry

Your Child Is Undergoing Complex, Long Treatment.

Most kids are active and have tons of energy, which is why it can be challenging for them to sit still for long periods of time. For a root canal, filling, or other treatment, your child may struggle to stay in one position for the entire appointment.

Nitrous oxide works quickly and removes the wiggles by giving your kid a soothing feeling, and because the gas is delivered through a nasal mask, your dentist can adjust the levels as needed until your child is perfectly comfortable for the whole visit. Then, after treatment is finished, the mask is removed, and the effects wear off within about 10 minutes.

Your Child Has Sensory Issues or Other Special Needs.

Perhaps the idea of going to the dentist doesn’t necessarily make your child anxious, but the sights and sounds are simply overwhelming. Nitrous oxide sedation can keep them calm and help them feel comfortable in an environment that usually is quite stimulating.

In addition to sedation, you may also wish to bring headphones to block out noise and sunglasses to reduce light going into their eyes. Altogether these tactics can help some children with special needs and various abilities feel more relaxed and able to sit through the entire visit.  

In the end, you and your pediatric dentist can decide whether nitrous oxide is the best option for your unique child. Whether they’re scared, have disabilities, or are simply too excited, nitrous oxide is gentle enough to use on patients of any age—even little ones. With this option available, your child can receive the care their smile needs!

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