Considering Invisalign? Here’s What You Should Know!

July 19, 2022

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Many teens who are in need of orthodontic treatment are also wary of spending a year or more wearing conventional metal braces. Fortunately, there is a clear alternative available that straightens teeth subtly. With Invisalign, many people may not even notice your teen is undergoing orthodontic treatment! However, there are a few things to know before signing up for this option – especially when it comes to younger patients. Keep reading to find out more to help you plan for success.

#1: It’s Best for Older Teens

While Invisalign offers the benefits of removability and invisibility, these features also increase the likelihood of damaged or lost aligners. Between needing to remove the aligners for meals (without losing them) and wearing them for the recommended 22 hours each day, taking care of Invisalign requires a much higher level of responsibility than traditional braces. Your child’s orthodontist can help you determine whether or not they are ready for Invisalign. 

#2: It Takes Some Getting Used To

There is an adjustment phase with any type of orthodontics, and that includes Invisalign. Some of the things to expect with this option include getting used to speaking while wearing the aligners, cleaning them regularly (and properly), and meeting the 22-hour required wear time every day. 

#3: Maybe Forget the Lipstick

While Invisalign does not demand many lifestyle changes – and certainly far fewer than traditional braces, which are more laborious to clean and maintain – your older teen may want to rethink lipstick. Pigmented gloss or lipstick will quickly wear off onto the aligner, resulting in a less-than-optimal “look.” 

#4: Water Only While Wearing Aligners

Wearing the Invisalign aligners makes adults aware of how much coffee they drink – and, when it comes to teens who aren’t on the coffee habit, the same usually goes for sports drinks or sodas. To avoid staining the clear plastic or increasing the risk of sugar/bacteria buildup, you can only drink water while wearing the trays. That may mean your child will need to rethink their afternoon beverage in order to meet the required 22 hours of wear time every day. 

#5: Enjoy Wonderful Results – Subtly! 

If your teen is eligible for Invisalign and you feel they are mature enough to comply with the treatment, the most important thing to remember is that Invisalign provides excellent results without the need for visible braces. And that’s worth a lot! 

Don’t wait to find out if your older teen is ready for Invisalign. Your family’s orthodontist looks forward to helping them achieve straight, beautiful teeth for life! 

Meet the Orthodontist

Dr. Kim Rogers is the orthodontist helping patients of KidsSmiles Dental + Orthodontics achieve straight teeth and healthy smiles. She grew up in Plano and earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from Texas A&M University – Baylor College of Dentistry. Today, she is passionate about transforming smiles with both traditional braces and Invisalign. To discuss what to know before getting Invisalign, schedule an appointment online or at (972) 884-5450.

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