4 Signs Your Child May Benefit From Phase 1 Orthodontics

April 27, 2022

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Young boy with Phase 1 orthodontics in Flower Mound

When do you think a child should get braces? Typically, most children who get braces have them during their teenage years after all their permanent teeth have erupted. However, some situations call for starting orthodontic treatment earlier in life, when they still have some baby teeth. This early treatment is called Phase 1 orthodontics, and it’s designed to preemptively address bite and teeth alignment problems before they become severe. So how can you tell if this is something your little one needs? Read on to learn four signs that your child may be a candidate for Phase 1 orthodontics in Flower Mound.

1.) They’re Still Sucking Their Thumb

Thumb-sucking is a normal habit for babies and toddlers. It’s believed to work as a self-comforting tactic when a child is anxious, bored, stressed, or uncomfortable. Typically, children will naturally grow out of this non-nutritive habit on their own by the time they turn four. However, if they continue to suck their thumb during the ages of five or six, the excess pressure in their mouth can alter the way their mouth, teeth, and jaws grow and come together. If your child is still sucking their thumb after the age of four, you should schedule an appointment with your Flower Mound pediatric dentist.

2.) Their Teeth Are Crooked or Protruding

No one is born with perfectly straight teeth. However, if you find yourself thinking that your child’s precious pearly whites seem fairly crooked or that they stick out at an odd angle, it’s time to call your pediatric dentist. While a proper diagnosis is needed, notably crowded, crooked, or protruding teeth are often a sign that intervention is necessary to keep the issue from getting worse.

3.) They Often Bite the Inside of Their Mouth Accidentally

If your little one’s jaws or teeth are misaligned, they won’t come together properly. Instead, the teeth will be too close to the soft tissues in their mouth. As your child speaks, eats, or laughs, they may accidentally bite the inside of their cheeks. If you notice that this seems to happen somewhat frequently to your child, they may need Phase 1 orthodontic treatment.

4.) They Breathe Through Their Mouth Frequently

Jaw misalignment can make closing their mouth uncomfortable for your child. As a result, they may begin to breathe through their mouth more often. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it dries out the mouth and leads to a higher risk of oral health issues like cavities and gum disease. Fortunately, Phase 1 treatment can help realign the bite and clear more space for their sinuses, making it more comfortable for them to breathe through their nose.

Children should have their first orthodontic checkup by the time they’re seven years old to determine if Phase 1 treatment is right for them. Even though this may seem too early, remember that treating orthodontic problems now can help your little one avoid complex issues later in life!

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Dr. Neil Dean of KidSmiles Dental & Orthodontics is dedicated to helping the growing smiles of Flower Mound get the best start possible. Not only does he offer a wide variety of services tailored to meet the unique oral health challenges children face, but he and his team strive to make every appointment fun and relaxing. If your child will be turning seven soon or if you notice any of the above signs, we invite you to visit us and discover if Phase 1 orthodontics is right for your little one! We can be reached online or at (972) 884-5450.

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