The Top 4 Braces Moments in Pop Culture

July 26, 2023

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A child getting braces from their dentist

If your child needs braces, they might not be happy about the situation. Perhaps they think wearing brackets and wires will make them “different” in a bad way. However, you can always remind them about the braces moments in pop culture. Many famous and liked characters have had orthodontics over the years. In fact, your Flower Mound dentist knows a few you could reference. To that end, here are the top four moments for braces in pop culture.

#4: Betty from Ugly Betty

A role model for the orthodontic journey, Betty Suarez is the “cool” kid with braces. You could easily inspire your child with a few scenes of her.

Played by America Ferrera, Betty Suarez is the title character of Ugly Betty. She’s a bright, hardworking 22-year-old with an eclectic style. Even while wearing braces, she ends up climbing the fashion industry ranks.

#3: Katy Perry in “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

If your child needs more inspiration, there’s always Katy Perry. She wore braces in the music video for her song “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).”

In said video, Katy plays a character named Kathy Beth Terry – a stereotypical nerd with glasses, braces, and headgear. Rather than mope, though, “Kathy” attends a high school party where she has lots of fun. The other partygoers also love her company.

#2: Lisa from The Simpsons

On the other hand, you might tell your moody child that things could be worse. Their braces might’ve been like those of Lisa Simpson.

For those unaware, Lisa is a character from the hit series The Simpsons. In the now-famous episode “Last Exit to Springfield,” she had to wear comically-awful braces attached to headgear. Her father even tried to get better dental insurance so she could have better ones.

#1: Darla Sherman from Finding Nemo

Even if they didn’t grow up with it, maybe your kiddo has seen Finding Nemo. In that case, they likely remember the character Darla Sherman.

For those who need a reminder, Darla is one of the film’s antagonists. You may know her as the dentist’s niece who watches Nemo’s aquarium. She’s not evil, but her braces and headgear are very eye-catching. Still, your child can take comfort that their own orthodontics is subtler.

Clearly, the braces moments in pop culture are many. That being the case, show the ones above to your kids – you’ll hopefully lighten the mood.

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