4 Helpful Tips for Preventing Orthodontic Emergencies

June 6, 2023

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Emergencies can arise unexpectedly and often at the most inconvenient times. Among the most significant inconveniences for individuals with braces are orthodontic emergencies. These can range from broken wires or brackets to lost retainers or painful mouth sores, potentially jeopardizing your smile. However, with some awareness and preparation, these situations can be easily avoided. Here are four valuable tips to prevent orthodontic emergencies and ensure your treatment progresses smoothly.

Tip #1: Watch What You Eat

Numerous foods can seriously jeopardize orthodontic treatment! As most patients wear braces for an average of two years, it becomes essential to steer clear of sticky, chewy, crunchy, and exceptionally hard foods throughout this period. While it might feel challenging to forgo delights like popcorn and bubblegum, the potential damage they can inflict on your braces is significant, so it’s best to avoid them.

Tip #2: Manage Your Discomfort Accordingly

Experiencing discomfort during orthodontic treatment is entirely normal, considering the shifting and movement of your teeth in your mouth. This sensation is most pronounced right after commencing treatment.

Thankfully, you can often alleviate this pain by using over-the-counter pain relievers or rinsing with a warm, saltwater solution. However, if the pain persists and doesn’t subside, it could be a sign of a more significant issue that requires prompt attention and treatment.

Tip #3: Practice Sports Safety

Wearing braces doesn’t imply that you can’t participate in sports; however, it does call for some extra precautions. Mouth and jaw injuries are relatively common in sports, but you can provide yourself with substantial protection by using a simple mouthguard during physical activities.

These practical devices safeguard your entire mouth by dispersing the impact force across all your teeth, not just the point of contact. As a result, both your teeth and orthodontics are well-protected, allowing you to enjoy sports with added confidence.

Tip #4: Keep Your Mouth Clean

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is undoubtedly the most crucial step in preventing orthodontic emergencies. Having braces does not give you a pass on brushing and flossing; in fact, it becomes even more essential.

With braces, food particles and debris can easily get trapped, making you more susceptible to tooth decay, cavities, and other significant oral health issues that could potentially lead to emergencies. So, regular and thorough brushing and flossing are indispensable to keep your oral health in check and reduce the risk of orthodontic complications.

While orthodontic emergencies are infrequent, they can strike unexpectedly, regardless of time or location. However, adhering to these tips will significantly minimize the likelihood of encountering such situations and ensure that your new smile is delivered according to schedule!

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