3 Tips to Get Through the First Few Days with Braces

February 7, 2023

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Getting braces is a big life change for people of any age; it can be intimidating, but it’s also the best way to get a smile that you can be proud of. When you first get them put on, however, they can be pretty uncomfortable.

Just about every patient struggles with the first week or so of having braces. Here are a few tips to help you get through the first few days of orthodontic treatment.

Make Use of Dental Wax

Even the best-fitting orthodontics are likely to rub at your cheeks or gums in certain places. You’ll get used to that eventually, but in the meantime, it’s probably a good idea to make heavy use of dental wax to prevent sores.

Your dentist probably gave you some of this wax when you left their office; you can ball it up and place it on problem areas of the mouth, reducing the metal’s contact with the cheeks and lips.

Watch What You Eat

Eating with braces is tricky in general, and especially so when you first get them. For the first few days, the adhesive on your braces will need time to solidify. For that reason, it’s usually recommended that you stick with soft or liquid foods directly after getting your oral appliance.

Doing so will ease the discomfort that most people feel when they first get their braces and will make it less likely that your oral appliance will rub against other parts of your mouth.

Ease Your Discomfort

The discomfort you’ll feel when you first get your braces probably won’t compare to how you felt when you were wearing spacers, but it still isn’t all that pleasant.

If you develop sores in your mouth—even despite the dental wax—a saltwater rinse can be helpful for disinfecting or bringing down your swelling. Pair this with over-the-counter pain relievers and you should feel more comfortable.

The first few days are the hardest, and after that, you shouldn’t have all that many issues with your braces. All you’ll have to look forward to is finally getting the smile of your dreams!

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