4 Things to Expect When Getting Braces Removed

June 15, 2022

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Dental patient wearing metal braces

Are you excited about your braces removal? Well, you should be! Soon enough, you’ll get those metal brackets and wires off to see a straighter smile in the mirror. But before that happens, you may want to know the specifics of the procedure. Learning them could settle your nerves or even heighten your anticipation. Either way, having a good idea of what to expect would make for a more pleasant dental visit. That said, here’s a summary of four things that’ll happen when you get your braces removed.

The Removal Itself

Your braces should come off quickly and easily. Using a special tool, your orthodontist will gently pop the brackets from your teeth one at a time. Because this instrument works by finding your braces’ weak spots, the removal is quick and painless. From there, any remaining dental adhesive on your teeth will be buffed away.

There’s no reason to feel nervous during this operation. Most patients report feeling slight pressure as the braces are removed. Otherwise, they feel pleased that their treatment is complete!

An Examination

Once the removal is over and done, the orthodontist will examine your teeth and perform the following steps:

  • Polishing your teeth
  • Take final records
  • Take final photos and x-rays
  • Design your retainer

You’ll then be on your way to enjoying the smile you’ve worked on for so long!

Some Soreness

You may feel a dull ache from swollen gums after the braces come off. That’s perfectly normal, and the swelling should go down within forty-eight hours.

It’s also common for your gums to bleed slightly once you start brushing your braces-free teeth. While nothing to worry over, don’t avoid brushing because of it. Doing so will actually help reduce the inflammation.

Tooth sensitivity may also occur as you adjust to not having braces anymore.

Post-Treatment Work

After adjusting for a few days, your orthodontist will fit you for your retainer. You’ll be instructed to wear this new appliance every day — even all day at first, as that’s when teeth are at the highest risk of shifting.

Once your teeth are at a lower risk of shifting back, you’ll graduate to only wearing the retainer at night. Only a professional can decide this, so don’t make the decision yourself. Your orthodontist will let you know when the time has come for a change in your retainer wear.

Getting your braces off will be pretty straightforward. Still, remember the items above so you can make the experience all the smoother!

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